Frog Gig or Fish Spear.  Blacksmith made.  Fresh from a Shenandoah Valley, Virginia estate.  Approximately 8&3/4 inches in total length.  $65.00

Confederate "Dog River" Cavalry Sword.  Blade length approximately 35 inches.  Guard and pommel are tight.  From an old home near Winchester, Virginia.  $1500.00  Sale Pending

Burger & Brothers "Richmond Pike".  Marked with an "M" which is actually a "W".  This item is written about extensively in the new book titled CONFEDERATE BOWIE KNIVES by Jack Melton, Josh Phillips, & John Sexton.  There were far fewer Pikes made than Fighting Knives.  Overall length approximately 17 inches.  $1400.00  Sale Pending

W. J. McElroy well documented Confederate Bowie Knife.  Roman numeral markings on brass handle.  Blade length approximately 11&7/16 inches.  Overall length approximately 16&5/8 inches.  From an old Frederick County, Virginia home.  Sold

Confederate Bowie Knife shown in Norm Flaydermans detailed book on bowie knives.  Possible Potts of Louisiana maker.  Hollow brass handle enables use as a pike.  Blade length approximately 9&11/16 inches.  Overall length approximately 14&9/16 inches.  $2200.00

Dug 1853 Enfield Bayonet.  This item was found near Winchester, Virginia and has been properly cleaned and preserved.  There are no markings.  $85.00

1850 Foot Officers Sword and Scabbard.  French made and imported by both sides during the Civil War.  Blade length approximately 29 inches.  Handle is tight.  $325.00

Mark 1 Trench Knife.  In U.S. KNIVES, BAYONETS, & MACHETES  BOOK III by M.H. Cole on Page 25 he states that this knife was made in France for the U.S. Government before U.S. manufacturers could get into production.  The bright blade has the makers mark AU LION.  The scabbard is made of iron and is unmarked.  The handle is made of brass and marked U.S.1918.  This came from a veterans estate.  Sold

Indian Knife with deer antler handle.  Overall length approximately 7 inches.  $35.00

Diefenthal Knife new and unused.  Blade length approximately 4&9/16 inches.  Marked on blade D 2000 RAZOR STEEL RAZOR KEEN 100% MADE IN SOLINGEN STAINLESS STEEL.  $150.00

Marble's Fieldcraft Lt. Pacca/Stag Knife.  New in box.  Marked on ricasso MARBLE'S U.S.A.  $125.00

Model 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle 20 Round Magazine.  No markings.  $35.00

PPSH-41 Drum Magazine.  Has "Star" mark which shows in first photo and "Hammer & Sickle" mark which shows in second photo.   $150.00

Winchester .22 WRF 50 Round Box.  New and unopened.  Five boxes available.  $20.00 per box