Frog Gig or Fish Spear.  Blacksmith made.  Fresh from a Shenandoah Valley, Virginia estate.  Approximately 8&3/4 inches in total length.  $65.00

Confederate Bowie Knife shown in Norm Flaydermans detailed book on bowie knives.  Possible Potts of Louisiana maker.  Hollow brass handle enables use as a pike.  Blade length approximately 9&11/16 inches.  Overall length approximately 14&9/16 inches.  $2200.00

W.J. McElroy, Macon, Georgia Spear Point Knife.  Well documented in the book CONFEDERATE BOWIE KNIVES by Jack Melton, Josh Phillips, & John Sexton.  Blade length approximately 15 inches.  Guard has Roman numeral markings.  From an old home near Martinsburg, West Virginia.  $3200.00

Dug 1853 Enfield Bayonet.  This item was found near Winchester, Virginia and has been properly cleaned and preserved.  There are no markings.  $85.00

1850 Foot Officers Sword and Scabbard.  French made and imported by both sides during the Civil War.  Blade length approximately 29 inches.  Handle is tight.  $325.00

Diefenthal Knife new and unused.  Blade length approximately 4&9/16 inches.  Marked on blade D 2000 RAZOR STEEL RAZOR KEEN 100% MADE IN SOLINGEN STAINLESS STEEL.  $150.00

PPSH-41 Drum Magazine.  Has "Star" mark which shows in first photo and "Hammer & Sickle" mark which shows in second photo.   $150.00