Confederate Bowie Knife shown in Norm Flaydermans detailed book on bowie knives.  Possible Potts of Louisiana maker.  Hollow brass handle enables use as a pike.  Blade length approximately 9&11/16 inches.  Overall length approximately 14&9/16 inches.  $2200.00

Confederate "Dog River" Sword.  As found from an old home near Antietam, MD.  Still retains single wire strand wrapping and a portion of wooden grip.  $1600.00

1850 Foot Officers Sword and Scabbard.  French made and imported by both sides during the Civil War.  Blade length approximately 29 inches.  Handle is tight.  $325.00

Japanese 1889 Cavalry Sword.  Matching number 73794 on both blade and scabbard.  Arsenal or maker marks on the front of guard.  The small spring mechanism which keeps the sword locked in the scabbard is broken which shows in the middle photo.  Blade length approximately 32&3/4 inches.  As found from an old home near Berryville, Virginia.  $195.00

Half of wooden scabbard for storing a Japanese Samurai Blade.  Approximately length 30&5/8 inches.  $95.00

World War One Sawback Butcher Bayonet marked WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER A.G.  $400.00

U.S. L.F.&C. 1917 Trench Knife.  $350.00

Diefenthal Knife new and unused.  Blade length approximately 4&9/16 inches.  Marked on blade D 2000 RAZOR STEEL RAZOR KEEN 100% MADE IN SOLINGEN STAINLESS STEEL.  $150.00